Bishop Forrest Ray Nance, Jr.- Faith Temple Intern Pastor                                                                                  Emeritus Pastor Paul Smith- Faith Temple Assistant Pastor

                 Faith Temple National Fellowship Churches of God, Inc.


Sunday School Classes 10 AM

Mother Edith Smith serves as Sunday School Superintendent and Teacher of the Adult Class

Elder Landzaat Wright Serves as Sunday School Teacher of the Teen and Young Adult Class

Mother Victoria Nance serves as Sunday School Teacher of the Youth Class

Uth2 is the official Youth Department for Faith Temple. It provides activities for our youth. and teens while guiding them to Christ.

Uth2 Goals

Uth2's mission is to "win souls" to the kingdom of God. We believe Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

Equipping Generation NOW

Faith Temple knows that the next generation is here NOW.  

Uth2 instills a knowledge and love for Christ in the hearts of our youth equipping them for leadership. 

Elder Landzaat Wright

Faith Temple NFCOG Youth Director &  Uth4Christ Creative Arts Assistant Director.

Deacon's Corner has insightful Bible studies and lessons for you to enjoy.
Deaconess Carolyn Churchill & Deaconess Tracy McClain.


Web and Social Media Online Bible Study.

"Member Spotlight". Featured articles celebrating the life, work and accomplishments 

(both spiritual and civic) of select individuals.

All citation of our  Faith Temple member are from our NFCOG's Newsletter   

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Bishop Forrest Ray Nance, Jr.

Faith Temple Intern Pastor
Vice Bishop Of National Fellowship Churches of God, Inc. (NFCOG)

Emeritus Pastor Paul Smith

Assistant Pastor 
Elder (Emeritus)
NFCOG Board of Directors 

  Elder Landzaat Wright

Faith Temple Youth Director &  Uth4Christ Creative Arts Assistant Director 
Board of Christian
Education Media/Library 
NFCOG Musician
Website/ Multi-Media Production

Mother Wilma Nance

Consecrated Mother
Helps and Hospitality
Church Library

First Lady Victoria. Nance

1st Lady 
Sunday School Teacher of the Youth Class.
NFCOG's Board of
Christian Education
 Media/Library Resources

Mother Edith Smith

Church Secretary
Sunday School Superintendent and Teacher of Adult Class. 
Board of Christian 
Education Student Affairs Director - NFCOG Bible Institute

Deacon Tracy McClain

Ordained Deacon
NFCOG Finance Committee Chair/ Nurses Board Chair
NFCOG's Board of
Christian Education
Health & Wellness
Editor-in-Chief of NFCOG HEALTH NEWS

Deacon Carolyn Churchill

Appointed Deacons
Helps and Hospitality
Church Library

Bro. Joshua Nance

Youth Leader / Musician 
Uth4Christ JC (Jr. Counselor)

Bro.Deon Nance Jr

Uth4Christ JCT (Jr. Counselor in Training)

Bro. Jeremiah Nance

Uth4Christ JCT ( Jr. Counselor in Training)