Bishop Forrest Ray Nance, Jr.- Faith Temple Intern Pastor                                                  Emeritus Pastor Paul Smith- Faith Temple Assistant Pastor

                 Faith Temple National Fellowship Churches of God, Inc.

Emeritus Pastor Paul Smith- Faith Temple Assistant Pastor

"According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love: "                                                                                                                                      -Ephesians 1:4 KJV

Emeritus Paul Smith and First Lady Edith Smith were married on October 2, 1982, they have been blessed with five children and six grandchildren. They both were educated in the state of Virginia with First Lady Smith receiving a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Both have been converted from their sins, justified by faith, sanctified through the blood of Jesus, and baptized in the Holy Ghost and with fire.

Emeritus Paul Smith was a member of Mount Olive Holiness Church as an youth.  Elder Smith worked in the church in many positions and later God anointed him to become the Pastor. Since his calling into the ministry he has witnessed and experienced miracles and healing. As we know, God calls one, but gets two.  As a husband and wife team they ministered in the Northern Neck Region at Mount Olive Holiness Church for over twenty-years. 

Their love for the region is demonstrated by their continual looking and expecting a great move of God in the area. Emeritus Smith has often verbalized that God has promised him he will not leave this earth until he sees the mighty move of God. Because of their continue dedication and listening to the voice of God, they joined the Nation Fellowship Churches of God, Inc. under the leadership of Apostle Ivan L. Grant Sr., and  Bishop Forrest Nance, Jr.  Listening to God and the Holy Spirit, Bishop Nance and Emeritus Smith formed Faith Temple Church.

Emeritus Smith and First Lady Smith desired more knowledge and wisdom and because of this they enrolled in the National Fellowship Churches of God Bible Institute.  Their wisdom, knowledge, and experiences have been valuable instruments in the first year of Faith Temple's existence. Elder Paul has the distinction of being the first Emeritus Pastor of the National Fellowship Churches of God, Inc. (NFCOG) and now serves as the Assistant Pastor at Faith Temple.  First Lady Smith serves as Sunday School Superintendent and teacher of the adult class. Both Emeritus Smith  and First Lady Smith have been living examples of Christ’s love for mankind through their dedication to save souls.

In 2016 Emeritus Pastor Paul Smith and Edith Smith join the ranks of our growing Alumni. Their dedication to the completion of the curricula confirms that one’s passion for a greater knowledge through the advanced study of God’s Word has no age confines. Pastor Paul holds the distinction of being our most senior graduate while Edith serves on our Board of Christian Education. As mentors, we salute them both for their most recent achievements.